How TWICE Made Red Velvet’s Irene Smile During The 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards

We love TWICE x Red Velvet moments.

TWICE might be the biggest girl group in Asia, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get excited about their friends Red Velvet doing a great job on stage!

As we’ve seen in the past, TWICE and Red Velvet are definitely fans of each other…and that’s in part because members of both groups are friends!

Yeri, Nayeon, and Irene at the Idol Star Athletics Championships

During the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards show, fans caught Irene smiling “seemingly out of nowhere”.

But it wasn’t for a random reason. The real reason for why is Irene smiling?

It’s because TWICE is sitting right in front of the stage being the hype masters during the performance!

The TWICE girls cheered, clapped, and sang along throughout the entire performance, no doubt giving Irene a reason to smile as wide as she did.

And of course fans were all over fact that TWICE visibly supported their friends, calling the moment “the cutest thing ever,” friendship goals”, and “super sweet”!

We definitely love when we see TWICE/Red Velvet interactions in any shape or form, and this just makes us wish for a special stage of both groups performing.

Wouldn’t that be lovely, ONCEs and Reveluvs?

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