TWICE makes an adorable promise to fans for if they win #1 with “TT”

On the evening of October 24th, popular JYP Entertainment rookie girl group TWICE hosted a comeback showcase for their 3rd mini-album TWICEcoaster: Lane 1

In addition to playing several cute games (including speaking backwards and trying to fit their respective sub-groups on a small piece of paper, both of which Team Tzuyu won) and performing several songs (including “One in a Million,” “Jelly Jelly,” and “TT” for the first time!), the girls also made an interesting #1 promise with fans.

While fans proposed many unique tasks for the girls to do if they won a #1 trophy for “TT,” the group decided that they would wear Pokémon-themed outfits at one of their upcoming fan signing events. Other popular proposals included each of the girls wearing their music video costumes and all of the members wearing a fluffy bunny suit identical to Dahyun‘s costume.

With the group having won eleven #1 trophies for their last comeback “Cheer Up,” fans are anticipating that “TT” will also meet similar success, and are already getting ready for the girls to wear the cute outfits!

Check out TWICE’s full showcase below:

Also make sure to check out the music video for TWICE’s “TT” below: