TWICE Apologizes For Canceled Concert Amid Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns

They expressed regret over not being able to hold the concert.

TWICE was scheduled to hold a TWICELIGHTS in Seoul ‘Finale’ concert, however, it was canceled amid concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). The group posted an apology greeting for ONCE on their official Instagram account, which is translated below.

Source: twicetagram/Instagram

We really wanted to host the concert today, but we couldn’t and we’re so so sorry and we feel terrible T-T But we had a lot of fun communicating with ONCEs through the V App!! Those of you who stayed to watch the whole thing, thank you so so much!! ONCEs, please stay healthy. TWICE and ONCEs all should focus on not getting sick!! We’re always grateful for everything

I had no idea Mina’s face was covered by the line on the mirror… Sorry T-T And Nayeon and Tzuyu are missing but… (Tzuyu is actually in the picture as a picture ㅋㅋ)


TWICE also conveyed their wishes for fans to stay healthy and focus on not getting sick.