Insiders leak TWICE will comeback with full-album in May

Insiders have reported that TWICE will make a Korean comeback in May before they debut in Japan in June.

Ever since their debut, TWICE has only released mini-albums including The Story BeginsPage Twoand the Twicecoaster series.

With their May comeback, insiders have reported that the group will likely return with their first full album to firmly cement their spot as Korea’s top girl group.

JYP Entertainment commented on the insider leaks with an official statement with slightly different statements to different news outlets.

“This cannot be confirmed yet. We will release an official statement when there are concrete details regarding that matter.”

— JYP Entertainment to MyDaily

However, in a statement to Osen, JYP Entertainment revealed a slightly different statement saying, “This is not confirmed.” Most news outlets are reporting the story with the statement that says, “This cannot be confirmed yet.”

When rumors or leaks are released to media and are false, most agencies respond with a direct answer that denies the claims. However, when the leaks are true, they are often followed with vague answers and conflicting responses.

TWICE has recorded 4 consecutive mega hits with “Like Ooh-Aah“, “Cheer Up“, “TT“, and “Knock Knock.” since their debut. Their song “Knock Knock” has been in the Top 5 of numerous online streaming charts such as MelOn and Genie since its release and sold over 260,000 copies in just over a month.

SourceIlgan Sports, Osen, and MyDaily