TWICE Members Absolutely Horrified By Jungyeon’s Story About Eating A Deer

The reactions of TWICE members on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time have been going viral after they hear Jungyeon saying that deer meat is delicious.

On this particular broadcast, Choi Hwa Jung asked TWICE’s Jungyeon if there was one particular food that tasted unforgettable while she starred in Law of the Jungle, to which Jungyeon answered “deer meat” without thinking twice.

Upon hearing her answer, even the radio host herself gasped in surprise, and various shocked facial expressions from the other TWICE members could be seen in the video recording of the show.

Nayeon and Mina seemed to feel uneasy at the thought of eating deer meat, while Jihyo and Tzuyu were downright shocked and gaped at Jungyeon’s answer. Only Chaeyoung seemed to be indifferent and nodded airily.

Check out their uniquely adorable reactions below!

Below are gifs that capture the other members’ reactions to Jungyeon’s statement:

Nayeon can’t believe Jungyeon would eat a deer.

Mina seems to be slightly disconcerted but masks her feelings with an awkward smile.

Jihyo can’t hide her complete shock at Jungyeon’s statement.

Tzuyu seems completely horrified and you can see her mouth the words, “deer meat?”

Chaeyoung the “little Simba” however simply nods in approval and agreement.

Source: Vingle