TWICE Met Kim Petras And Their Reaction Will Make Your Day

“I love your song!”

TWICE were recently invited to perform at Billboard‘s 2023 Women In Music Awards. They will grace the stage alongside stars like SZA, Lana Del Rey, Rosalia, and Kim Petras. The girl group will not only perform but will also be presented with an award!

The event will be held tonight, at 10 PM Eastern Time, where TWICE will be given the event’s signature Breakthrough Award. This will make them the first and only Asian group to win the award, and only the second girl group overall.


It was during rehearsals for their upcoming performance that they had an adorable interaction with Kim Petras! During the short clip, you can see the TWICE members smiling widely and laughing along with the “Unholy” star.

The group’s rapper, Chaeyoung, happily told Kim that she loves her song, which made the latter laugh adorably. The two also had a cute exchange where Chaeyoung did the cutest dance move. This interaction reminded ONCEs of the time Chaeyoung and Kim worked on TWICE’s “Young & Wild.”

Credits for “Young & Wild”

Petras has talked about TWICE before as well, in fact, she often posts the group’s songs on her Instagram.

Kim seems to be an avid fan of TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free,” she tweeted about it too!

And attended their concert in Los Angeles.

Fans were enamored by the cute interaction between the artists, with many taking to Twitter to share how adorable and exciting they found it.

The interaction leaves fans excited for any possible collaboration between the artists, this time on a stage instead of during the making of a song.


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