TWICE’s Millionaire Members Forgot They’re Rich AF Once Their Staff Revealed “Time To Twice” Sports Day Prizes

Millionaires love free stuff, too!

Sure, TWICE may be rich and successful K-Pop idols, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love getting free stuff just as much as the rest of us!

TWICE | @jypetwice_japan/Instagram

In the latest episode of Time to TWICE, the members were back in high school, and they traveled to another high school after receiving an invitation from a secret friend. After a staff member took attendance, the girls learned that they had been invited to the school for a fun day.

“Someone prepared a lot for us so that we could have a fun day here.” | TWICE/YouTube

As it turns out, TWICE’s secret friend invited them for a sports day! The members were told that they would compete against each other in teams and that the winning team would receive lucky bags as prizes.

“Lucky bag?” | TWICE/YouTube

Once they found out one of the lucky bags contained AirPods, TWICE lost their minds!

Almost immediately, the members started explaining why they should be given the prize. Momo said she couldn’t use her AirPods on the way to school because hers were out of battery, so she needed these for the ride back home.

“I couldn’t use mine on the way here because they were out of battery.” | TWICE/YouTube

Chaeyoung and Nayeon said they needed the AirPods because they don’t have any.

“I don’t have it.” | TWICE/YouTube

After hearing Chaeyoung and Nayeon’s reasons, Momo gave two more reasons why she deserved the AirPods. She said she lost hers, and then she said that hers broke on the day they were filming!

Jihyo‘s reason for wanting the AirPods was super honest: She just wanted them even though she already has a pair!

“I have it, but I want it anyway.” | TWICE/YouTube

TWICE got even more fired up when they learned that there would be individual prizes, too.

After Nayeon asked the staff to give an example of the individual prizes, the staff showed the members a gigantic backpack full of snacks.

Surprisingly, TWICE was just as excited about the bag of snacks as they were about the AirPods!

Dahyun yelled that she wanted the snack backpack, and Tzuyu said she wanted it, too.

Momo seemingly forgot all about the AirPods and said she would work hard to win the snacks!

“I want it. I’ll do my best.” | TWICE/YouTube

Who do you think will win these coveted prizes?

Watch the full episode of TDOONG High School Season 2 below!


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