TWICE’s Mina To Attend First Public Event Following Her Hiatus

She’ll be attending the meet and greet!

TWICE‘s Mina is feeling so much better!

On January 8, TWICE’s official Japanese website posted a notice with the statement that Mina would be participating in the fan meet and greet event in Japan from February 1-2 at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall.


The full statement read:

TWICE’s Mina will be participating in the &TWICE fan event that will be held from February 1-2.

You will be able to change your member slot to Mina.

If you have already purchased a ticket, then you will have to reapply for the member slot. You can use the same serial code that you received upon initially purchasing the ticket to reapply.

The application deadline has also been extended.

Thank you for your understanding.

Previous deadline: 1/13/2020

New deadline: 1/19/2020


Regarding their TWICELIGHTS tour – Mina’s participation in the Fukuoka concert on February 11 and the Shizuoka concert on February 22 will be dependent upon her condition at the time.

We apologize for any inconveniences and we thank you for understanding.

—TWICE’s Japanese Website


Mina was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in July 2019, and has since been on hiatus, making appearances at concerts depending on whether or not she feels well enough at the time for the past few months.

Fans are happy to see her healing well, and taking the time she needs to get back on her feet!


TWICE released their second full Japanese album &TWICE on November 29, 2019, with title track “Fake&True”. They are set to release a repacked version of the album on February 5, 2020 with a new title track, “Swing” and a new version of the “Fake&True” MV titled “The Truth Game”.

Watch their MV for “Fake&True” here!

Source: TWICE website