Blouse Worn By TWICE’s Mina In The Philippines Allegedly Stolen From Dressing Room And Sold Online, Organizers Respond

They claimed a staff member auctioned it out.

TWICE visited the Philippines last September 30 and October 1 to hold the Bulacan leg of their Ready to Be World tour. Several days after, fans uploaded concerning social media posts regarding the stage outfits of the members.

A Filipino ONCE found that the top worn by Mina was being auctioned off on Facebook. She took to X (Twitter) to air out her concerns about this privacy issue.

You’re so creepy @livenationph!! Is this how your staff is like?!!! You already have no respect for the concert-goers but now you’re also stealing [TWICE’s] clothes?!

Did you get Mina’s consent? Did you get the stylist’s consent to get this? Because if you didn’t, then does that mean you just stole it from their dressing room?

— @bbsafie

The photos attached showed a man by the name of “Red Menzz” posting in a marketplace group dedicated to TWICE.

Offer: legit Mina shirt that she wore in the concert. Don’t ask for proof anymore. I posted all the proof here. They’re all from the concert. The shirt is up for bidding. Don’t ask for the starting price, just name your price. Thanks.

— Red Menzz

It was the white halter top she used in Day 1 of the Bulacan concert.

The seller included his staff badge as proof that he worked backstage at the Ready to Be concert.

In a later update, the same fan who reported this situation posted another ONCE’s conversation with the seller on Facebook Messenger.

Here, he stated that the t-shirt was “legit” though it did not contain Mina’s signature because she had left it in the dressing room.

She just left it in the room when it was time for them to leave that’s why it doesn’t have Mina’s signature…but it really is what she wore that night.

— Red Menzz

Live Nation PH, the organizers of the two-day concert of TWICE, replied to the fan several hours after the accusations first went live, stating firmly that these claims were false.

This is fake.

— Live Nation PH

They asked that fans be more “vigilant in engaging with individuals” claiming to be their staff members when selling event-related items online. They promised that even their own crew would not have access to things such as the clothing of the K-Pop idols.

Please be vigilant in engaging with individuals selling and claiming legitimacy of items like this, as no one has access to these items not even the LNPH staff.

— Live Nation PH

Source: X