TWICE’s Mina Can’t Help But Blush When Telling Her Members The Name Of Her Favorite Hollywood Star

What an unexpected answer!

TWICE has had an incredible year so far, with more on the horizon to finish out the fall. The release of “The Feels” marks the third language TWICE has released a song in this year and their first official foray into the Western music world. Because of this entrance into a new market, the group has received many questions about their favorite Western media, and while at Vanity Fair, it was Mina‘s turn to answer.

The group participated in the TWICE Game Show, where each member would secretly answer a question, and the others would have to guess. For the final question of the game, Mina was asked, “Who is your favorite actor or actress?”

Nayeon was quick to catch on and immediately asked, “Is it a man?” Mina replied affirmatively.

Chaeyoung then narrowed down their guessing pool by asking if it was a foreign many, which Mina also confirmed.

Mina initially gave a hint that Nayeon or Jihyo should get this right, but when neither answered, she added, “It’s a man, and he comes out in action films a lot.”

Once Mina had given away that he was tall and muscular, Jihyo figured out who it was but couldn’t remember his name. She could even recognize he starred in Jumanji, but she couldn’t call his name up to the surface.

Eventually, Mina gave in and revealed that Dwayne Johnson was her favorite actor.

Dwayne Johnson |

She couldn’t help but wear a wide grin as she admitted “The Rock” was her favorite star.

After Nayeon said it was her first time hearing this, Mina explained the logic behind her choice before ending with a bit of blushing thumbs up.

He comes out in a lot of my favorite movies like The Fast and The Furious series and Jumanji. 


While this answer was a bit unexpected for Mina, we totally see it now! Did you expect this to be Mina’s favorite actor? Let us know, and to see more the full interview with Vanity Fair, check out the video below: