TWICE’s Mina And Chaeyoung Once Revealed Why They Wanted To Marry Each Other, And Now It Seems As If Sana Couldn’t Agree More

Sana is definitely team “Michaeng!”

One of the best things about K-Pop groups is the friendship between the members. From the minute they start training, idols live, work, and have fun together, creating an unbreakable bond. One group that fans have praised for their close relationship with each other is TWICE.

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Despite all of the group being close to each other, there are two members whose friendship fans can’t get enough of, and it’s Mina and Chaeyoung! Yet, it seems as if ONCEs aren’t the only ones.

After the release of their latest track, “SCIENTIST,” the members of TWICE sat down with 1theK Originals and their series IDDP. During the video, each of the members had a look at their profiles. They also looked at what fans have been saying on the internet!

When it came to the turn of Mina, they looked at some of her personal information. After reading through some basic facts, they had a look at some of her nicknames, and one that stood out was “Chaeng Fan.” Although Chaeyoung looked shocked at the name, the other members seemed to find it funny!

If there were any ONCEs for many who were unaware of what the name meant, there was a perfect explanation written next to the nickname.

Among the TWICE members, she adores Chaeyoung especially. She smiles like a mom when she’s looking at Chaeyoung.

— Mina

Even though Nayeon joked that Mina was actually her mom and Chaeyoung replied that she had been stolen from her, it seems as if even the members couldn’t hide their love for the dubbed “Michaeng.”

In particular, it was the response from Sana that gained attention from fans. After Chaeyoung took hold of Mina’s arm, Sana added, “They have to get married,” and even Momo agreed with that statement.

However, although the members didn’t have time to react to Sana’s comment, the idea of Mina and Chaeyoung getting married to each other has been brought up before.

When TWICE appeared on Jessi‘s Showterview, one question that had the members had to answer was, “The one you would like to date the most… dating with marriage in mind!” While some of the members were hesitant to choose, two members made their decisions instantly: Mina and Chaeyoung, who chose each other.

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After the initial 1theK video was released, fans couldn’t stop talking about Sana being so natural when she explained that her members should get married. Many joked that she was a true ONCE as it was something many fans have said in the past.

It once again shows just how close the members are that they can have fun with each other. Although fans might think Mina has a soft spot for Chaeyoung, there is no denying that all of the members love each other, and their interactions are proof.

You can watch the full video below.

Source: 1theK Originals