What Actually Goes On Behind The Scenes Of TWICE’s Dance Practice Videos, According To Mina

Dance practices are iconic for a reason.

Dance practice videos are a staple in the K-Pop industry. Groups release them after their music videos to either give fans a guide should they wish to copy their choreography or just to enjoy more content.


TWICE is known for making their intense dances look easy. Fans eagerly await their dance practices each comeback. In an interview with Allure, Mina gave a sneak peek behind what goes on in this particular schedule.

First up, every single detail is taken into account. Their streetwear or athleisure may look unplanned to some, but their outfits are carefully coordinated behind the scenes: “They prepare clothes for us to wear for dance practice videos.”

Since these videos are less formal than when they perform on variety shows or on stage, they try to dress up more casually. This, along with the minimal edits on the videos, provides an authentic atmosphere that fans love.

Since there is the fun of filming in the practice room, we try to wear something that isn’t like performance costumes, but to only give off a slight dress up feel. I think people like it because it has a real feeling, like how there are the foot stomping sounds.

— Mina

As these kinds of videos grew in popularity over the years, so did TWICE’s desire to put out more high quality content for ONCEs. The members always hype each other up before filming so they can do their best. If one makes a mistake, the others kindly point it out or make a joke to lighten the mood.

During our early debut days, dance practice videos weren’t that big of a deal. When YouTube became trendy, choreography videos became interesting and important, we started to put in more effort to them. Before we film a choreography video, we always go, ‘Let’s do well!’ When someone says, ‘Ah, I think I made a mistake,’ everyone says ‘That’s okay, let’s do well!’, encouraging one another. When someone spots a mistake, she would go, ‘You’re wrong!’

— Mina

Dance practices are not as easy as they may seem. TWICE’s choreographies are notorious for being harder to perform than they may look. As professionals, however, they know how to conserve energy and film efficiently.

Because our choreography is pretty intense, we can get tired and out of energy if we film too much. Everyone tries hard to film in the shortest possible time, but still making it cool.

— Mina

Check out their latest dance practice video below.

Source: Allure