TWICE’s Mina Has A Favorite Alcoholic Drink—Even If She’s Allergic To It

She also shared the surprising time it takes her to drink a glass!

TWICE‘s Mina may be allergic to alcohol, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a favorite!

TWICE’s Mina | @twicetagram/Instagram

Recently, TWICE released behind the scenes footage from the making of their “Alcohol-Free” music video.

As they waited for filming to begin, several members were asked to name their favorite cocktails. “What is your favorite cocktail?

Flipping her hair back, Mina sassily revealed that she likes pina coladas the most.

Me? I like pina coladas.

— Mina

She was told that pina coladas match her well, but nothing can top wine! “Yes, but wine suits you.

While on the topic, Mina was also asked how many sips of wine she can drink. “Can you take a sip? Two sips?

Sips, however, are nothing to Mina! She confidently stated that she can drink an entire glass…but with a catch. It takes her hours to finish one.

No, I can drink. It takes me four hours to drink one glass.

— Mina

Hilariously, they joked that it takes so long for her to finish a glass that the wine will age in the meantime. “Your wine will age as you drink it!

See more footage of Mina in the full video below.

Source: TWICE