TWICE’s Mina Impresses Fans With Her Effortless Singing Of “Cry For Me”

That’s what you call talent 😍

TWICE‘s Mina celebrated her 24th birthday on March 24. In a live broadcast with fans that day, she surprised them with an acapella version of their recent release, “Cry For Me.” As expected of Mina, it was beautiful!

| JYP Entertainment

Her singing was immediately met with praise from fans who were captivated by her gentle yet strong voice.

Through her spontaneous rendition of the song, fans bore witness to her incredible vocal capabilities. She was able to reach the high notes of the chorus with ease, proving that she’s as great of a singer as she is a dancer!

“Cry For Me” isn’t the easiest song to sing, but Mina still killed it!

Aside from her beautiful singing, another highlight of Mina’s live broadcast was when Dahyun surprised her with a cake. She showed her love for Mina by lighting up the cake and bringing it to her in person even if she was bare faced. As can be inferred from her expression, Mina appreciated the thoughtful gesture!

It wasn’t the only cake Mina received that day. She shared her mother’s text to fans, which included a picture of the cake she made by hand. It was shaped just like the fish bread hat that Mina wore in “TIME TO TWICE”, showing her mother’s eye for detail!

Happy birthday, Mina! There’s much to love from such a talented, beautiful, and kind person like you!

Source: Naver Live