TWICE Mina’s Predebut Miss A Dance Cover Goes Viral, And It Proves She’s Been Talented Since Day 1

Mina has always had serious dance skills!

One of TWICE Mina‘s predebut dance covers is going viral!

TWICE’s Mina | @twicetagram/Instagram

Mina’s dance skills are widely recognized in the K-Pop industry, and she always stuns when she takes the stage as a TWICE member.

| SBS KPOP/YouTube 

She also gained attention for her dancing while appearing on the survival show SIXTEEN.

| Twice Only/YouTube

Mina’s 2012 cover of Miss A‘s “Goodbye Baby” with her dance crew proved that she’s always been a great dancer. Even though many people recognized her at the start of her career for her ballet skills, this newly resurfaced cover from 10 years ago proved that she has always been skilled in many styles of dance.

| satxkpop/YouTube

As she covered Suzy‘s parts of the choreography, Mina definitely stood out during the dance cover. Look at how she slayed her center parts!

ONCEs on Twitter can’t stop talking about the cover and about how Mina’s YouTube username, satxkpop, refers to her Texas roots.

Fans also commented on the YouTube video to talk about how talented the “girl in the pink shirt” was.

You can see Mina’s “Goodbye Baby” cover below.