TWICE’s Mina Shares Which Photoshoot Concepts She Wants To Try One Day

With Mina’s visuals, she’ll totally slay any concept given to her!

TWICE‘s Mina is slated to release a photobook soon, and she held an ASMR live broadcast to commemorate its upcoming release!

Mina’s very first photobook titled Yes, I am Mina is set to be released soon, and in the live broadcast, she answered tons of fun questions about herself and the photoshoot!

One of the questions asked to her was regarding photoshoot concepts, was there anything else she would like to try?

Mina then revealed that a concept she would really like to give a go to was a photoshoot in a desert!

First of all, I want to take photos in a desert!


The second concept she would like to try was one with an underwater theme!

Underwater! For underwater, I wanna wear a really long dress. I’m a pretty good swimmer, so I want to deep dive like a mermaid. I wanna be a mermaid in a deep sea.


Fans can’t wait for Mina’s gorgeous visuals to fill her photobook, from cover to cover!

Watch her ASMR live broadcast here!


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