TWICE’s Mina Still Carries Wired Earphones, And You’ll Definitely Agree With Her Relatable Reason Behind It

The reason behind it is SO Mina!

Many ONCEs relate to TWICE‘s Mina for being a quiet introvert, and she recently revealed another habit of hers that’s made her even more relatable!

Mina | @twicetagram/Instagram

Mina recently sat down for an interview with Vogue Girl Japan, where she talked about her favorite hairstyles, hobbies, and more!

| Vogue Girl Japan

One of the questions she was asked was,

What items are a must-have in your bag?

Mina revealed that she carries two sets of earphones; one for watching movies and one for listening to music!

I have two sets of earphones for listening to music and watching movies. When I use the one with better quality to watch a movie, there’s a bit of a delay.


| @twicetagram/Instagram

She then revealed that she also keeps wired earphones with her, because she can use it to ward people off when she needs to focus and be alone with her thoughts!

I also keep a set of wired earphones with me. When I’m among people and I want to focus, I put these on. It gives off a vibe that says, ‘I’m trying to stay focused right now.’


Mina’s so relatable!

Source: Twitter