TWICE’s Mina Reveals Why She Was Worried About Her Scenes In The “Alcohol-Free” MV

She shared her worries with ONCEs!

For their “Alcohol-Free” comeback era, TWICE‘s Mina has been serving nothing but summer-perfect visuals, right from her scenes in the MV to her flawless performances onstage!

While fans have been fawning over her visuals this comeback, Mina shared a concern of hers that she had about her solo scenes in the MV!

In a recent behind-the-scenes of the MV shooting uploaded to their Youtube channel, the members of TWICE can be seen shooting both their group and individual scenes against the scenic backdrop of Jeju island!

While the scenery was gorgeous, the poor TWICE members were often seen scrambling for cover because of the hot sun shining over their heads, and Mina revealed that because it was so bright, she couldn’t even open her eyes!

She then shared that more than the group dance, she was more worried about her individual scenes, because she wasn’t sure she’d be able to open her eyes when it came time to shoot!

More than the group dance, I’m worried about how my individual shoot will go. I have to shoot my individual scenes here, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to open my eyes. I’m really worried.


In spite of her worries, Mina got into place to begin filming her scenes, and absolutely crushed it!

And when the MV finally came out, Mina’s scenes were absolutely breathtaking!

Watch her talk about it here!