TWICE’s Mobile Game Is the Most Downloaded App in Japan

The content is very high quality.

A Japanese mobile game featuring TWICE has placed 1st on the app store charts.

Back on November 19th, the mobile game, “TWICE -GO! GO! Fightin’” was officially released in the app store and play store.

In the game, the player must solve puzzles and progress through the story in order to obtain various content including cards, pictures, and sound clips.

Only after a day of its release, the game placed 1st place in the download ranking of Japan.

It’s been said that the TWICE members participated in a separate shoot just for this game, and put a lot of effort into it.

Due to the good quality contents of “TWICE -GO! GO! Fightin’“, it is becoming increasingly popular in Japan, as well as Korea.

Would you download this game, too?

Source: Wiki Tree


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