TWICE Momo And Chaeyoung’s #InMyFeelings Challenge May Be The Best So Far

TWICE’s two beloved members have taken over the hashtag!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung and Momo have stepped up the game for the viral #InMyFeelings challenge — with not just one, or two, but three videos uploaded to TWICE’s official Instagram account!


The “Mo-Chaeng (모챙, a collective nickname to refer to Momo and Chaeyoung together)” dance duo rocked out to Drake’s “In My Feelings”.

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They nailed the challenge as they performed the viral choreography in their very own style!


Set in an adorable backdrop of a cute skyline, the girls danced away in the best viral video ever seen!


And the girls blessed the fans with multiple shots of their dance!


Fans are in love with the chill vibes in TWICE Mo-Chaeng version of the #InMyFeelings challenge!


Momo and Chaeyoung sure know how to stay on top of trend and keep their fans entertained, while looking amazing!