TWICE’s Momo Reveals Why The Choreography For “Alcohol-Free” Is Much Tougher Than It Looks

Even though it looks easy, Momo shares that it’s actually really not!

TWICE as a group are known to be excellent dancers, and showcase their dance skills with their tough and intricate choreographies!


Their routines for songs such as “More and More”, “I Can’t Stop Me”, “Feel Special” and more require lots of power and stamina from the members to be pulled off perfectly.

“More And More” 

While the choreography for “Alcohol-Free” seems to be less busy than their previous routines, main dancer Momo revealed that the dance is harder than it looks!

Momo | JYP Entertainment

In a recent behind-the-scenes video of the MV shooting, the members were shown shooting their group and individual scenes in gorgeous sets and outfits!

Momo was seen practicing the choreography a few times, and she complained about how fast it was in certain parts!

It’s too fast here!


She then shared what made the choreography a lot harder than it looks!

Keeping the beat is more difficult than it looks. It looks easy, but it’s so hard. That’s how I felt.


But TWICE totally killed this choreography too, as usual!

Watch Momo talk about the dance here:

And watch TWICE’s comeback MV with “Alcohol-Free” here!