TWICE’s Momo Learned A Difficult Choreography In 2 Hours—And Her Teachers Were Impressed

She’s the main dancer for a reason!

TWICE‘s Momo recently released a performance project video that featured her sensual and skilled dancing to the songs “BAD” by Cristopher and “Tadow” by FKJ & Masego.

In a recent behind the scenes video of the days leading up to the MV filming, Momo was seen learning the choreography in lightning speed. She was so good, in fact, that both of her teachers showered her with praise!

Check them out below!


For the first day of practice, Momo’s teacher asked if she was able to follow the moves, and she confirmed that she could. Upon hearing that, he praised her for how quickly she was learning. “Okay. You’re learning so fast.

The video then cuts to later in the practice when viewers are told that she learned the dance in only two hours!

Her teacher expressed awe at her talent, “You’re so amazing. Seriously.

Not one to boast, Momo instead bowed humbly.

She revealed that she was just trying to focus on doing well. “I was really focused on getting everything right.


Following the first dance practice of “BAD,” Momo met up with another teacher to learn the choreography of “Tadow.”

At the end of practice, Momo’s teacher praised her performance.

It’s seriously really good. So very good. Perfect.

— Momo’s dance teacher

Once again, Momo humbly deflected attention from herself by saying she couldn’t have done it without her: “It’s only because I did it with you. I’m not so confident by myself.

Momo is known as one of the best dancers in K-Pop for a reason—and she has such a humble personality to boot!

Watch her preparations for her performance project in the full video below.

Source: TWICE