TWICE Momo Shows Off Her Flaming Charisma in her 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje Solo Stage Dance Practice

Momo’s dancing skills are no joke!

TWICE’s Momo may have just gotten back to Korea from her vacation in Japan, but that didn’t stop her from giving fans a special present!

In a surprise move, Momo released her dance practice of her 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje Solo Stage on the group’s TWICEtagram account. ONCEs, of course, quickly made comparison videos to best view both the dance practice and performance clip side by side.

After comparing both videos, ONCEs were extremely impressed by Momo’s “cool aura” and “flaming charisma” being fully on display. They were also amazed by how powerful her dancing was, as they were able to get the full effect due to the “fixed cam” practice video.

Some of our favorite Twitter reactions include:

And to make things a little cuter, Momo left a bit of a blooper at the end! Namely, when she did her final dance move where she “flops” on the ground, she forgot to raise her head (the most important part)!

Sharp eared fans heard her quick”Ow!” at the end of the video when Momo’s head slightly made contact with the floor, and fans (after seeing that she was okay) found the moment humorous as Momo went from “fierce bad girl” to “sweet cutie pie” in one second!

We love this glimpse of Momo’s duality when it comes to showcasing her dancing, and hope that we can see more solo stages from her at other events!

Source: @TWICEtagram


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