TWICE’s Momo Puts Her Game Face On And Shakes Off Her “Bad At Sports” Reputation

We love her sports face 🥺

TWICE‘s Momo is often jokingly teased by the other members for being bad at sports, but she proved she’s got athletic talent in the latest episode of TIME TO TWICE!

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

In the previous episode, Momo’s sportsmanship and enthusiasm stood out, but her athleticism, unfortunately, did not.

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In this episode, however, Momo proved just how athletic she really is!

In this episode, the members continued to compete against each other in two teams. Nayeon, Momo, Mina, and Dahyun were on the red team. SanaJihyoChaeyoung, and Tzuyu were on the blue team.

The first game was a water balloon toss. Three members of each team tossed water balloons into a basket held by the fourth member.

Even before the game started, Momo’s competitive side came out! She asked her teammates, “Don’t I look like the best athlete today?”

When it was the red team’s turn, Momo held the basket while her teammates threw the water balloons.

Although a few of the balloons burst and splashed her in the face, Momo managed to catch nearly all of them. Even Sana from the blue team exclaimed that she was “so good!”

The red team won the water balloon toss competition thanks to Momo’s excellent catching skills!

The next game was called Bubble Suit Korean Wrestling. In this game, members from each team charged at each other in bubble suits to see which member would be the last one standing.

Momo competed against Sana and knocked her down with a single blow!

Momo’s incredible dancer flexibility paid off in the next game, limbo, and she continued to show her athletic prowess.

Momo and Tzuyu were the last members standing in this game, and competition was fierce.

In the end, Momo and Tzuyu tied in the limbo competition and shared the prize, which was a backpack full of snacks.

The final game in this episode was a power walking relay race.

Momo went up against Sana again in this game and won once again!

She hilariously activated her “sports face” to pull ahead of Sana.

Although the blue team ended up winning the Sports Day competition, Momo proved that she was an asset to the red team and beat the “bad at sports” allegations!

See the full TIME TO TWICE episode below.