Fans Can’t Get Enough Of TWICE’s Momo and Jessi’s Interactions During The Latest Episode Of “Showterview With Jessi”

We want more Momo x Jessi content ASAP!

TWICE was the latest group to appear on Jessi‘s Showterview With JessiAs expected, it gave fans all sorts of hilarious content with Jessi and the members. In particular, fans online have noticed the interactions between Jessi and member Momo, and they just can’t get enough of it!

Jessi & TWICE | @jessishow_official/Instagram

From the very start of the episode, the two artists had some hilarious moments. In the beginning, Jessi was challenged to try and remember all the member’s names. As soon as Jessi mentioned Momo’s name, she got very excited, shouting “Thank you” adorably before Jessi had given her the name tag. 

The next set of interactions came during Momo’s solo segment. Fans joked about how there must have been a magnet between the two as Jessi stayed close and couldn’t seem to get enough of the dazzling singer!

With Momo being such a phenomenal dancer, her challenge was to show how she was feeling through her dance moves. The first question was simple enough, asking how she felt. But her answer was anything but simple showcasing her moves by dancing to Jessi’s classic track “NUNU NANA.”

Even Jessi couldn’t hide her amazement at how well Momo did and the fact that she remembered the steps better than Jessi did. Luckily, they both managed to give fans a little duet showing how much talent both idols have.

One moment that particularly stood out to fans was during that same segment when Jessi asked Momo to showcase how she felt meeting Jessi through dance! Fans were shocked to see that her feelings towards meeting Jessi were so good that it made her twerk!

With such hilarious interactions within a small space of time, fans on social media couldn’t get enough of the two idols together!

You can watch the whole episode below!

Source: Mobidic