TWICE’s Momo Keeps All The Gifts Her Members Have Given Her Through The Years

All the feels! 🥺

TWICE‘s Momo released a new vlog, MOMO’s TW-LOG with SECRET FRIEND.

During the video, Momo revealed what she enjoys doing best in her downtime before bed. Like most of us, she watches YouTube! In a clip, she watched an episode of TWICE TV. As she leaned back, resting in bed, fans noticed a familiar stuffed animal.

| TWICE/YouTube

Momo still holds on to the gift Dahyun got for her during TWICE’s trip to Singapore in 2017. At the time, Momo really wanted the multicolored plush bear but didn’t have money at the moment so Daehyun purchased it for her.

Similarly, the Barbie doll that Chaeyoung gave Momo for her birthday that year was spotted on a shelf in her room as well. The doll keeps good company with the rest of her favorite dolls.

Momo cherishes the gifts just as much today as she did years ago.

You can watch the full vlog below: