TWICE Fans Demand Action From Lotte Duty Free As They Trend “Respect Momo”

Fans don’t understand how this was allowed to happen.

TWICE fans are calling out Lotte Duty Free for their recent magazine and poster featuring TWICE.

TWICE | @AppleMusic/Twitter

Lotte Duty Free has often worked with TWICE. The group recently held the LDF FAMILY PREMIER with TWICE event.

And TWICE were just featured in Lotte Duty Free’s magazine. While Lotte Duty Free advertised all of the members shooting the magazine…

TWICE for Lotte Duty Free | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

Fans felt some concern when they noticed that Momo was cropped from most of the video uploaded to advertise the magazine.

TWICE’s Momo is included in the interview for their greeting before the camera pans away | @lotteduty_jp/Twitter 

The majority of talking sections for the 30-second interview are filmed at this angle, excluding Momo | @lotteduty_jp/Twitter 

Still, fans assumed that it just happened to be unintentional since the video was so short, and Momo appeared in all the group shots.

Momo was included in the group shots in the interview | @lotteduty_jp/Twitter 

You can watch the interview here.

But now, as fans are seeing the magazine and included poster of the group, fans are shocked to see that Momo was actually edited out of the group shot. Although the initial images used to advertise TWICE’s appearance showed all nine members…

TWICE’s Dahyun | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

TWICE’s Sana | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

TWICE’s Jihyo | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

TWICE’s Mina | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

TWICE’s Nayeon | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

TWICE’s Momo | @lottedfs_global/Twitter

The full group image in the magazine, while the same image as had been previously used for other promotions, does not include Momo, leading fans to believe she was intentionally edited out.

Momo does not appear in the magazine | @pinkmomonade/Twitter

Momo included in the same image in promotional image | @pinkmomonade/Twitter

As Lotte Duty Free hasn’t given any reason for excluding Momo, fans are demanding that they reprint the magazine and remedy the mistake, trending #Respect Momo on Twitter. Especially since the mistake would have been difficult to make since Momo was in the originally used image.

As of the time of this article there is no update from Lotte Duty Free or JYP Entertainment.

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