TWICE Momo and Minzy Goes Head To Head In Epic Dance Battle

Minzy and TWICE‘s Momo had an epic dance battle on Sisters’ Slam Dunk 2, and they both showcased their unique and different dancing styles.

On March 17, former 2NE1 member Minzy and TWICE’s Momo engaged in a dance battle to TWICE’s newest song, “Knock Knock” on KBS‘s celebrity group project reality show, Sisters’ Slam Dunk season 2.

Kim Sook decided to provide the music with her phone but was only able to play the first minute of the song as she had not opted for a subscription service, thus jokingly requested that the dance battle end before the minute ends.

All the members of TWICE voted Momo as their leader in dance, so she was given the honor of battling one of their role models in the idol industry.

First, Momo began with a sweet but sexy choreography that included lots of waves and hip movements, as well as their signature move from “Knock Knock”, such as their shoulder dance.

Then, Minzy decided to show off her moves after Momo, in which she showed more powerful waves and even blew a kiss towards the camera. The members of TWICE couldn’t help but show their inner fangirls as soon as Minzy began dancing.

Watch the segment here!