The TWICE Dance Move That’s So Synchronized, Even Momo And Nayeon Are Shocked

It’s seriously impressive!

Comeback after comeback, TWICE never fails to impress with their synchronized choreographies. They could be going for a cute concept…

…or a mature concept…

…or even a professional concept…

…and they’d kill each and every one of them! Out of all their dances, however, there is a particular move that shocked both Momo and Nayeon because of their incredible synchronization.

This may not come as a surprise to avid fans, but it originated from TWICE’s emotional track, “Cry For Me!”

Looking at everything, you know the beginning part of ‘Cry For Me?‘” asked Momo in an interview with Seventeen.

The part that Momo referred to was when they extend their arms and move in a robotic manner.

Agreeing, Nayeon couldn’t forget how synchronized it was. The most surprising part for her was that it didn’t even require any extra effort for them to do.

That part though, we’re eerily in sync. It gives you goosebumps. And it’s not like we tried extra hard to [be in sync].

— Nayeon

Like what Nayeon and Momo suggested, the dance move is so satisfying because of how beautifully TWICE executed it! In case you haven’t seen it yet, watch the full choreography video below.

Source: YouTube