TWICE’s Momo And Nayeon Had The Sassiest Comeback To Jihyo’s Joke About Their Faces

Best response ever 😂

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Momo just had the sassiest response to Jihyo‘s joke in a recently released TWICE TV video.

The video centered on TWICE’s backstage activities during the 2020 Asia Artist Music Awards.

Of course, the interview wouldn’t be complete without bringing up their outfits for the night: “What was the wardrobe concept for the Asia Artist Award?

Momo quite simply stated that their concept was the color pink.

Nayeon agreed and further explained that they took inspiration from Barbie, a popular fashion doll: “We dressed up as Barbies“.

Hilariously, Jihyo didn’t miss a beat when she shouted from behind the camera that their faces don’t resemble a Barbie.

Unfazed, Nayeon turned the statement around by saying that they are, in fact, much prettier anyway!

Nayeon claimed that they look like display dolls more than Barbies.

You know the ones you display in your cupboard? We look like those.

— Nayeon

Meanwhile, Momo nodded her head and appeared to completely agree with everything Nayeon said.

She even adorably frowned for a moment, not about to let the joke slide that easily.

TWICE’s ability to make jokes about each other is both endearing and hilarious at the same time!

Catch more of the girls in the full video below.