TWICE’s Nayeon Struggles With Guessing An Iconic TWICE Meme So Momo Gives Her Best Sana Impression

How do you convey the ultimate aegyo in yes or no questions?

TWICE recently participated in the Shopee channel’s Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day TV Show Special for their Filipino fans. While there, the girls participated in a game similar to 20 questions where one member would try to guess a word by asking yes, no, or maybe questions, and the other member would answer.

The first pair up was Nayeon and Momo. Chaeyoung acted as the card girl and presented the first words. The words on the card will look familiar to any ONCE because on her card was Sana‘s classic meme, Cheese Kimbap.

This refers to Sana’s aegyo when she was able to guess “Cheese Kimbap” after Jeongyeon demonstrated it to her with headphones on during an episode of Knowing Brothers.

With 60 seconds on the clock, Nayeon began asking basic questions like “is it a person”, “is it a thing”, and “is it an animal?” Momo was quick to shut down all of these with a firm “No.”

Nayeon suddenly made a breakthrough with back-to-back guesses of “4 syllables” and “is it a food”  but the clock was running down.

The entire time Sana looked on anxiously. Because this was her meme, the cameraman frequently focused on her worried look.

Poor Nayeon ended up guessing every food she could fit in the final 20 seconds before the round ended. Her members could only watch as she kept getting close to the answer but she just missed it.

When it was time to reveal the answer, Momo decided to give her best Sana impression. While Sana seemed happy with it, Nayeon wasn’t so impressed.

This may not have been TWICE’s best game as Momo and Nayeon were not the only pair to struggle. Even so, TWICE still had fun. To see their full attempt, check out the video below: