TWICE’s Momo Reveals Which Fellow Member She’d Want To Be & Why

Which TWICE member would you want to be?

In a recent live broadcast, fans asked Momo which of her fellow TWICE members she’d want to be if she had the chance—and Momo’s answer reveals one of her true desires.

Yesterday was Momo’s 24th birthday, and she couldn’t wait to spend it with some of her favorite people: her fans. Towards the end of the day, Momo started a live broadcast to chat with ONCEs and answer their questions.

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One fan had something pretty interesting to ask: which TWICE member would Momo want to become for 24 hours? After a moment’s hesitation, her answer was clear: she’d love to be TWICE’s maknae, Tzuyu! But why?

Wanting to be as beautiful as Tzuyu is something a lot of ONCEs can probably relate to. From her doll-like eyes to her pouty lips to her sharp jawline, Tzuyu is TWICE’s visual for a lot of good reasons.

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However, Momo went on to say that “all the members are pretty“—and she’s certainly not wrong. Despite not being the group’s official visual, Momo herself is undeniably one of K-Pop’s true beauties.

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So what was the main dancer’s reason for wanting to be Tzuyu for a day? Here’s a clue: despite how long her legs look, Momo is just 163cm tall.

That’s right—she wants to be try being Tzuyu because the maknae is so tall! Even though she’s the youngest in the group, Tzuyu’s height is 170cm, making her almost 3 inches taller than Momo.

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When they stand next to each other, the height difference is clear.

Momo explained that while all the members are pretty, Tzuyu is the tallest, so “her perspective is different”. It seems like Momo wants to know what the world looks like from Tzuyu’s height.

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Of course, the other members all have their own unique charms too, so it’s no surprise that Momo added a final point to her answer: “I also want to try being all the other members too”.

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