TWICE’s “Dancing Mo-chine” Momo Proves She’s Just As Great A Singer As She Is A Dancer In Surprise Vocal Cover

She has a beautiful voice!

TWICE‘s Momo treated fans to a surprise cover on her birthday, and the cover shows her gorgeous voice off perfectly!

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Momo just released a cover of Lee Boram‘s “Back to the Beginning” on TWICE’s official YouTube channel. Considering Momo’s typically recognized for her incredible dancing skills, fans were surprised to see that the cover only emphasized her wonderful voice.

| TWICE/YouTube

The video for the cover was made by Momo, and she included footage of her visiting birthday ads that ONCEs had put up around Seoul for her.

As the video showed Momo excitedly posing with her birthday ads, her soft, sweet vocals played in the background.

ONCEs have always known that Momo has a gorgeous voice that deserves just as much praise as her dance skills, but the cover was a welcome reminder of just how great Momo’s voice is.

ONCEs also recalled that Momo asked where her birthday ads were located in messages to fans on Dear U. Bubble. As it turned out, she asked where the ads were, so she could include them in the video as a thank you to her fans!

Check out Momo’s cover of “Back to the Beginning” below!