TWICE Momo’s Sister Releases Choreography Video For One Of The Group’s Underrated B-Sides

Great dancing runs in the family!

TWICE Momo‘s sister, Hana, recently posted her choreography for one of TWICE’s underrated B-sides from their 2020 album, Eyes Wide Open.

Hana | @banghana/Instagram

Hana is a very well-known dancer in Japan, and she recently taught a dance workshop at Special1 Entertainment Academy in Tokyo.

| @special1academy/Instagram

During the workshop, Hana taught her choreography for TWICE’s song “Shot Clock.”

Hana has danced to other TWICE songs in the past, too. Shortly before posting her “Shot Clock” choreography, she posted a dance cover of “Perfect World,” the title track from the group’s most recent Japanese album, on her Instagram.

Shortly before her “Perfect World” cover, she danced to “Strawberry Moon” and “Kura Kura.”

She danced to “Alcohol-Free,” too!

Both Hana and Momo are super talented dancers, and we love seeing sisters support sisters!