TWICE’s Momo Is Going Viral For Her Unserious AF Behavior During The Group’s “TODAY Show” Appearance

Even Dahyun got in on the fun! 😂😂

TWICE‘s Momo is going viral after her unserious AF behavior before the group’s performance on American national television.

TWICE’s Momo | @momo/Instagram

Of course, since debuting, Momo has always been praised by netizens for her unreal talent as one of TWICE’s main dancers, her undeniable beauty, and her charisma.



Aside from always gaining praise for her talent, visuals, and charm, Momo is going viral for her unserious AF behavior during the group’s recent appearance on the TODAY Show.

Unsurprisingly, Momo looked absolutely stunning during the performance, and one fan shared some beautiful photos of the idol.

| @matchalatte2196/Twitter
| @matchalatte2196/Twitter
| @matchalatte2196/Twitter

Yet, it was Momo’s actions that really made netizens LOL.

The group was set to perform their iconic track “Alcohol-Free,” and the hosts of the show were ready to hype up the song as much as it deserved. They quoted Billboard by calling it “One of the best songs of 2021,” and the crowds were definitely excited to see the group.

Of course, although the hosts were trying their best, fans couldn’t help but be distracted by Momo in the background. While they were talking, Momo was caught doing aegyo in the background without a care in the world.

What was even funnier was that halfway through Momo’s aegyo, Dahyun was suddenly seen poking her member on national television. Whether it was to make sure Momo regained focus or the fact that TWICE love poking each other, it was truly iconic.

Even the TikTok account for the show that posted the clip couldn’t get enough and specifically drew attention to Dahyun with their caption.

When the video was posted, netizens loved the fact that even the person running the account seemed to be a ONCE with the caption…

Others still couldn’t get over how unbothered Momo was on live television. Considering Momo knew she was the only member facing the camera as she started the song, it was hilarious that the idol just let her intrusive thoughts come out before their performance.

Once again, Momo and the members of TWICE prove why fans love them so much, as they never cease to make everyone around them laugh. The fact that the show’s TikTok account posted it showed just how iconic the moment really was.

Source: todayshow/TikTok


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