TWICE’s Momo Went Through Extreme Lengths To Lose 15 Pounds Before Her Debut

Momo revealed she went through a lot to lose 15 pounds in one week.

TWICE‘s Momo confessed during a live broadcast that she went to extreme methods to lose weight when she was a trainee.

During Jihyo Candy Nights, Jihyo cooked chicken feet, kimchi and fried rice. Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Momo joined her to eat and discuss viewer questions.


Momo revealed that she was told to lose 7kg (15 pounds) before debut no matter what, so she lost the weight in one week.

Momo’s “Cheer Up” teaser image.

“When I was a trainee… I was told I had to lose 7kg no matter what. That was the only way to be on the showcase. There was a D-day.” — Momo


She used extreme measures to lose the weight in such a short time that she became scared for her own health.

“I didn’t eat anything for the whole week and went to the gym all the time. I spat all the time so there was no water in my body. And when I laid down on the bed and tried to sleep, I was scared that I wouldn’t wake up again, so I suddenly started crying.” — Momo


She resorted to eating a cube of ice for the whole week, scared that she won’t be able to stand on the showcase stage.

All the members had goal weights in order to appear on SIXTEEN.

“I ate one cube of ice, but I thought that I might get fat with even that. That was what I did, but I didn’t lose 7kg by the D-day, so they gave me about three more days.” — Momo


Momo explained that she eventually succeeded in losing the weight. The member recalled how surprised they were when they saw her because she was as pale as if she was dying.


As soon as she reached her goal weight, she ate everything in sight! Much to the fans’ relief, she gained the 7kgs back the following week!

“I lost 7kg in a week. And I gained 7kg again the next week… I got very full after eating just a little, but I ate non-stop for a week.” — Momo


Jeongyeon spoke up about how hard it would have been, saying, “The company told you to lose 7kgs in a week? That’s too much. Tell them to try it themselves.


Momo has a better relationship with food now, saying, “If you think it will make you fat, it will make you fat. If you enjoy food, it has zero calories.


No matter how much Momo weighs, she looks most beautiful when she’s healthy and happy!