TWICE Filmed Their MTV “Fresh Out” Performance Weeks Before Their Actual Comeback, Here’s Why Nayeon Thinks It’s A Good Thing

The members are all so hardworking!

TWICE recently made their comeback with the song “Scientist”, and one of the performances that fans absolutely loved was their MTV Fresh Out stage!

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

In a recent behind-the-scenes video uploaded, Mina first talks about their performance for MTV, and reveals that they were filming this 2 weeks before their actual comeback!

We have some time until the official comeback. But we’re taping pretty ahead of time.


Nayeon confirms this, and then says that the timing of their shooting couldn’t be better!

Right. We’re really doing this ahead of time. But what I like about taping this early is we can monitor our performance and make adjustments where it’s needed. So it’s great.


TWICE are all such hardworking queens, whos efforts always pay off!

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Watch her talk about it here:

And watch TWICE’s “Scientist” comeback MV here!