TWICE’s Nayeon Unintentionally Insults Tzuyu

Auto-translation strikes again!

TWICE‘s Nayeon accidentally cursed at fellow member Tzuyu?!

Nayeon (left) and Tzuyu (right)
Nayeon (left) and Tzuyu (right)

Tzuyu recently uploaded behind-the-scenes photos of herself on the set of the group’s “ONE SPARK” MV. The visuals were outstanding in a room of mirrors with multiple Tzuyus.

Like a true bestie, Nayeon commented on Tzuyu’s post. It quickly garnered attention from fans due to its automatic translation, which read, “You’re a piece of sh*t!” Considering that she added a heart and clapping emoji, fans knew this had to be far from what Nayeon said.

Nayeon’s true comment couldn’t have been further from this automatic translation by Instagram. She actually said, “You are so pretty!”


Since it’s written all spaced out like, “Y O U  A R E  S O  P R E T T Y,” it tripped up the automatic translation.


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