TWICE’s Nayeon Celebrates Her Birthday By Gifting Fans A Vlog Filled With Adorable Girlfriend Vibes

She’s definitely girlfriend material 😍

TWICE‘s Nayeon is so generous that she gave fans a gift on her own birthday!

TWICE’s Nayeon | @twicetagram

In honor of her birthday, Nayeon released her latest vlog on TWICE’s official YouTube channel.

| TWICE/YouTube

Throughout the entire vlog, Nayeon served major girlfriend vibes!

She took ONCE along with her on a road trip filled with singalongs to TWICE’s songs.

Once she made it to her destination, Nayeon posed for photos by the river, and she looked absolutely adorable! The photos she took totally scream girlfriend material.

When she made it back home, Nayeon made herself a cup of tea and ate stroopwafels and butter cookies while reading a book. This moment exudes girlfriend on cafe date vibes!

When she was done reading and enjoying her snack, Nayeon cooked for the other TWICE members. She made pasta for the very first time, and she looked super proud of herself! As she cooked, Nayeon looked ready for a chill cooking date at home, and we were in absolute awe of her girlfriend vibes.

Nayeon’s hard work paid off and her pasta looked amazing!

Nayeon’s continued to serve girlfriend vibes well into the night, and she showed her new hair off to ONCEs.

Nayeon also showed fans some Polaroids she took, and she looked so cute in them. Girlfriend vibes are off the charts in these pictures!

At the end of the vlog, Nayeon sweetly thanked ONCEs for watching and for celebrating her birthday with her.

We hope Nayeon has a great birthday, and we loved seeing her have fun in her latest vlog!

Check out the full vlog below.