TWICE’s Nayeon Has The Cutest Way Of Introducing Sana’s Foreign “Friends” To Fans

Nayeon is too adorable here 🥺

TWICE‘s Nayeon introduced fans to never before seen “friends” of Sana, and they’re the cutest!

In behind the scenes footage from the making of the “Alcohol-Free” music video, Nayeon and Sana sat beside each other during their break. Nayeon excitedly told the camera that there was someone she wanted to introduce to fans.

I have someone to introduce to you. It’s also my first time, so I have to ask. Hold on.

— Nayeon

She pretended to ask for permission from the person, then grabbing Sana’s dress, she adopted a low-pitched voice and began speaking in Japanese.

The camera panned to a drawing on Sana’s dress, which Nayeon introduced as “Soong Soong.”

Nice to meet you. My name is Soong Soong. Please treat me kindly. I love you, ONCE.

— Nayeon

Soong Soong wasn’t the only “friend,” however, because Nayeon said, “There’s one more.

This time, she used a high-pitched voice to introduce the lady on another part of Sana’s dress. Of course, Nayeon didn’t forget to name it!

Nice to meet you. My name is Nyang Zzo. Please treat me kindly.

— Nayeon

While Nayeon had fun introducing the people on Sana’s dress, Sana simply laughed warmly at her without saying anything.

Watch the cute moment in the full video below!

Source: TWICE