Thought TWICE’s Nayeon Eating Butter Was Weird? Wait Till You See What She Just Drank

Would you drink this straight from the bottle?

A few years ago, fans caught TWICE‘s Nayeon snacking on butter—just straight up butter. Now, she’s been spotted drinking something just as unusual.

Usually, fans love to see idols enjoying their favorite foods. ONCES, however, got a real shock during one live broadcast a few years ago when Nayeon began chowing down on something no one would expect…

TWICE’s Nayeon

… Yup, that’s butter. While there’s nothing strange about enjoying the taste of butter, the vast majority of people would only ever eat it spread on or cooked into another food. Nayeon, however, had no problem biting straight into a block of wrapped butter, and she even left her cute teeth marks in it as proof.

In Nayeon’s defense, she was being challenged by Jeongyeon, who told her that if she wants to call herself the “Butter Princess,” she should be able to prove she can take a bite of butter. But now, fans have caught her drinking something unusual of her own accord.

In celebration of her birthday, Nayeon recently uploaded an adorable vlog of some of her daily activities. In one clip, the star decided she wanted to make pasta for the first time as a treat for her members.

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But after gathering her ingredients—which included spaghetti, garlic, and seasonings—Nayeon was faced with a small dilemma. She needed olive oil for the dish, but she had two types to choose from.

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Most people would make a decision based on factors like look, smell, and price, but Nayeon had a different method in mind. She decided to drink the oil to decide which one was better!

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After pouring a sample of each uncooked oil into a spoon, Nayeon sipped a small amount of both options to sample them, leaving fans completely baffled. Extra virgin olive oil is commonly used as an uncooked dressing, and some people do like to taste their “EVOO” before using it. However, at least one of the brands she had in front of her (De Cecco Olio di Oliva) was an oil blend designed specifically for cooking, not eating straight from the bottle.

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Across social media, ONCEs expressed their surprise at Nayeon drinking cooking oil. While some claimed a spoonful of oil can be good for digestion, others say drinking a sip actually made them sick. One fan stated that Nayeon’s tummy is always “choosing violence,” while some didn’t know whether you laugh or cry at her actions.

In the end, Nayeon was unable to decide by taste alone either way, eventually deciding to opt for the most expensive olive oil she had for the final pasta dish she presented to Sana and Momo.

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Eating and drinking foods most people would never consume on their own is just one of Nayeon’s many unique quirks. Another example is her very unusual sleeping habit—Mina once revealed Nayeon laughs and sings in her sleep! A few years ago, the members also exposed her hilarious habit of hitting whoever is next to her when she’s laughing. But as unusual and unexpected as these traits may be, fans can’t help but adore them.

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Source: TWICE / YouTube