TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals If She Feels Pressured About Getting The Starting Parts In Songs

She reveals how she feels about being the first member to start a TWICE song!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is the group’s lead vocalist and center, and she often takes center stage while showing off her powerful vocals!

TWICE’s Nayeon

As TWICE’s center, Nayeon is also given the starting parts in most of their title tracks, but songs such as “Signal” and “Feel Special” being the few where Nayeon does not have a starting verse.

“Feel Special” era Nayeon

Her vocals are heard at the start of many songs, beginning with their debut track, “Like OOH AAH”…

…”What Is Love”…


…and now, “Alcohol-Free” as well!

While promotions for their recent summer comeback are in full swing, a behind-the-scenes video of their MV shooting for “Alcohol-Free” was uploaded, where they showed the members completing both their group and individual scenes for the MV!

In the video, Jeongyeon picked up a camera and held an “interview”, with the different members, starting with Nayeon!

In the interview, Jeongyeon asked Nayeon if she still feels pressure about singing the starting verse.

Do you not feel the burden of singing the first part anymore?


Nayeon revealed that now, more than the order of parts, she prefers to focus more on parts that suit her and where she is able to show her vocal color the best!

The order doesn’t really matter. Every part has something that’d work for me and something that wouldn’t.


She also shared what really pressures her the most about recording!

I feel the burden when it takes a long time to record.


Throughout the years, Nayeon has shown herself to be a capable vocalist, and her starting verses have helped define TWICE’s unique color as a group!

You can watch her talk about this here!

And don’t forget to check out their latest comeback, “Alcohol-Free”!


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