TWICE Nayeon Helps Couple Solve Their Issues With Wise Piece Of Advice

Nayeon proved that she is the “Solomon” of the K-Pop world!

TWICE’s Nayeon appeared on Kim Je Dong’s Talk To You 2 and surprised viewers with her wisdom.

Kim Je Dong’s Talk To You 2 is a program that is hosted by Kim Je Dong and a panel that helps the audience deal with their real-life problems.


A recent episode featured a couple who were having issues because of the husband’s indulgence in his hobby, raising fish.

The wife explained that while the fish provide interesting experiences for their kids, she wishes that her husband reduce some of the time he invests in these fish.


Although the husband seemed to regret his actions, he described his side of the story and expressed how much joy the fish brought to his life.

“After a hard day of work, I come home to my fish and it makes me so happy. So I’ve been thinking the next time I look for a job, I’d like to find something that I enjoy doing. But I really do love fish. So I want to keep raising them so that they reproduce and so that I can continue this hobby as I get older.” ㅡ Husband


Nayeon sympathized with the husband adding that she gets so into superhero movies that she feels like she becomes the superhero.

“I get so into the movie that I feel like I’ve become a superhero. So I even pretend to be them after watching.” ㅡ Nayeon


Nayeon continued to express that she understands the husband and his love for his fish.

“I also think indulging in something is very important. It really helps when you’re going through a difficult time and helps relieve stress. So I think it’s great that he has something like that.” ㅡ Nayeon


She also expressed that she completely understood where the wife was coming from as well.

“But I completely understand why his wife is hurt by this. It would have been so nice if his family was his source of joy and stress relief so I understand her thoughts of why it had to be the fish instead of his family.” ㅡ Nayeon


She then proceeded to give a very realistic piece of advice that brought about a wave of laughter in the audience.

“So I think if he could make some more time for his family, his wife would be less hurt and the fish…would stay healthy as well.” ㅡ Nayeon


Through this talk, Nayeon definitely proved that she is the “Solomon” of the K-Pop world!

Source: Naver TV