This Rookie Male Idol Is So Talented That TWICE’s Nayeon Wants To Sing A Duet With Him

This would be a match in music heaven.

TWICE’s Nayeon recently participated as a guest judge on SBS’ new music competition show The Fan, and was totally charmed by one the contestants.

Which contestant, you ask?

Rookie idol Park Yongjoo (YONGZOO)!

Though the episode featuring Nayeon won’t air until January 19, her love affair with Yongjoo’s talent is already being talked about by Korean media!

For a little backstory on Yonjoo’s history, he actually is both a former SM trainee (from 2012-2015) and a previous survival show contestant (2015/2016’s Super Idol)! Although he won the opportunity to debut in the show’s project group, things fell though and he didn’t end up debuting. He would officially debut in May 2018 as a soloist after signing with MostWorks Entertainment.

During this specific episode, he performed 015B‘s song “Lost the Way” and was said to put on a performance that completely captivated the audience due to his stage presence and vocal prowess.

After he finished singing, other judges BoA, Kim Naeun, Sandara Park,and TWICE’s Chaeyoung gave him enormous praise. They stated that it felt like he took each judge on a vocal journey to the point where each judge felt he was singing to them specifically!

But it was Nayeon’s response to the performance that took everyone by surprise, as she made a surprise confession that she wanted to perform a duet with him immediately.

After checking out his previous performances from the show, we can totally see why Nayeon is so enamored with him – and we hope her wish can come true!

Source: Naver