Did TWICE’s Nayeon Lose A Bet With Momo? Here’s What Fans Are Speculating

Whether she did or didn’t, Nayeon definitely entertains fans with her humor.

Recently both TWICE‘s Nayeon and Momo updated their Bubble app profile pictures at the same time. And while it is always nice for fans to get new photos of their idols, this time, fans noticed that something was interesting about the pictures Nayeon and Momo chose.

Momo’s new Bubble picture was a stunning photo of her from TWICE’s recent US concert tour.

TWICE’s Momo 

But in stark contrast, Nayeon’s picture, which was changed at the same time as Momo’s, was a much goofier picture from their tour.

TWICE’s Nayeon

Because of how different the two pictures were, with Momo choosing a stunning photo and Nayeon choosing to be goofy, some fans were speculating that Nayeon might have lost a bet to Momo, and that’s why she had to change her profile picture.

And some fans were even speculating that since TWICE filmed an episode of their “TIME TO TWICE” YouTube reality show on the same day the pictures were uploaded, it might have come from a challenge in the show.

But even though Nayeon updated her Bubble profile picture to a goofy shot that made her fans laugh…

She quickly changed it to a regular selfie, showing off her beautiful features.

TWICE’s Nayeon

Leaving fans to joke that the bet, or dare, was over.

Both Nayeon and Momo are visual icons, and if Nayeon’s profile picture was from “TIME TO TWICE,” fans can certainly look forward to seeing the episode when it airs.