TWICE’s Nayeon Lost Her Wallet, But She Knew Exactly Who Could Help Her Find It

We hope Nayeon finds her wallet soon!

TWICE‘s Nayeon definitely knows how powerful and helpful her fans are!

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Nayeon recently did a voice-only live stream entitled “Help Me” with Momo. She began the live stream by saying, “I can’t talk because I feel so upset.”

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During the live stream, Nayeon asked ONCE to solve a “mystery” with her and Momo. She continued, “Let’s guess together where my wallet is.” Her wallet is a pink Chanel wallet that one of her mother’s friends gave to her.

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She said she and Momo had thought for a long time about where her wallet could have gone, but they had no idea where it could be. She said she took a taxi to her parents’ house and that she paid for the taxi with her credit card. She was sure that she got out of the taxi with her wallet.

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The next day, Nayeon traveled to the JYP Entertainment building, and she was positive that she had her wallet with her at the company. She checked the whole building for her wallet, and she didn’t find it. She also asked her parents if her wallet was at their house, and they said no.

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Nayeon went grocery shopping with Momo, and they window shopped before they bought their groceries. Nayeon wanted to buy some clothes she liked, but she realized her wallet wasn’t with her. She called their manager to see if it was in the car, and the manager said it wasn’t. Nayeon went back to the street where their car was parked, and she didn’t see her wallet on the street either.

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Nayeon said she’s lost her wallet before, but it usually finds its way back to her because people are able to find her contact information in it. She asked ONCEs to help her find her wallet or tell her where it is. In the meantime, she said she would contact the police to report that her wallet was missing.

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While we’re sure Korean ONCEs are on the case and are keeping their eyes peeled for Nayeon’s wallet, international ONCEs have been spreading the news on Twitter to help find Nayeon’s wallet.

We hope Nayeon’s wallet is returned to her soon!