Here’s Who TWICE’s Nayeon Would Be In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

“What if you could be a hero?”

TWICE‘s Nayeon has shown herself to be a bit of a nerd, specifically towards Marvel superheroes.

Nayeon looking super during TWICE’s “Fancy” era. |

After her photoshoot with Elle Korea, Nayeon was asked a few tough questions about her love for all things super.

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The first question she was asked seemed simple enough. “A huge Marvel fan Nayeon, which hero do you want to turn into, Thor vs Black Widow?” However, Nayeon answered in a way that was both unexpected and completely predictable.

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I love Iron Man” she said with a guilty grin. This answer should come as no shock to ONCEs as Nayeon has shared her love for the hero before.

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During a past VLIVE broadcast, Nayeon couldn’t stop talking about her love for the avenger and the actor who plays him.

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She even shared at the beginning of the broadcast that if she had a choice, she would be Iron Man.

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This made her answer to her next question a major shock. When asked “What if you could be a hero?” Nayeon replied:

I’ve always wanted Spider-Man’s skills. Which enable him to stick to and climb up anywhere, and climbing up the walls looked really fun.


| 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube 

While Nayeon hasn’t shown as much of a love for Spider-Man in the past, we hope she will be more willing to share her nerdy side with ONCEs in the future. What do you think about Nayeon’s choices? Let us know and to see her full interview, check out the video below: