Nayeon Is The Only Thinker (MBTI) In TWICE, But There’s Another Member Who Also Struggles To Relate To Others

What is it like to be a Thinker surrounded by Feelers?

Telling someone else your MBTI personality type is just as normal as introducing fun facts about yourself when you’re getting to know someone. Within the K-Pop industry, there has been plenty of interest in idols’ MBTIs and how their actions reflect their personalities. In an episode of TheKstarNextDoorTWICE answered various questions and told hilarious anecdotes, and there came a time when the host Jonathan teased Nayeon, stating that he had heard that she couldn’t empathize with people.

| 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

The girls burst into laughter at the statement directed towards the fact that Nayeon is the only member of TWICE with a T in her MBTI type. To further clarify, it means that out of all the members, she’s the only one who uses logic and rationale to make decisions instead of placing importance on emotions and relationships. This doesn’t mean that she can’t empathize with others; it just means that she’s the kind of person to look for a solution rather than comfort and understanding when facing a problem.

Nayeon shared that while she used to think she was the only one who had a harder time relating to others, she realized that Momo was also bad at sympathizing with others despite being a Feeler.

Momo defended herself, saying that she’s only like that around Nayeon. Since Nayeon doesn’t want comfort when talking about her struggles, Momo doesn’t feel the need to empathize with Nayeon.

Her defense failed, though, as soon as Sana revealed that there had been many times when Momo’s ability to sympathize turned off.

If they’re talking and the story doesn’t seem to end, or if it takes too long for Sana to get to the main point, Momo loses concentration, and the words flow in one ear and out the other.

In that moment, instead of continuing to relate to the person she’s talking to, Momo “shuts down.” It’s not that she doesn’t want to sympathize with whoever she’s talking to, but it’s more like she’s the kind of person who has a limit to how much she can immerse herself in emotions.

Later in the interview, after a hilarious episode of Sana dancing to “ROLLIN'” where Nayeon first sang the wrong song and then Momo forgot the lyrics, Sana and Momo were still reeling from the aftermath as Jonathan tried to move on to a new question.

Nayeon, on the other hand, was completely over the episode and couldn’t understand why the two could not stop laughing. Jonathan himself was also swept away by Sana and Momo’s emotions for a short bit, being a Feeler himself, and there was no more apparent moment when Nayeon stood out as the only Thinker in the room.