TWICE’s Nayeon And Momo Give Fans A Sneak Peak Into The Group’s Dorm, And It’s Anything But “Alcohol-Free”

It is a first glimpse into the group’s dorms and drinking habits!

One of the biggest parts of being a K-Pop idol is dorm life. From the minute idols start training together, they normally move in together to help create a bond. Even years after their debut, many groups might split into smaller dorms for more space but still enjoy staying with their members.

In particular, a group where the members enjoy living with each other is TWICE.

The members of TWICE | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Although there isn’t much information on the exact dorm arrangements of the group, TWICE’s Nayeon recently took cameras behind the scenes of their house during an episode of The Manager.

TWICE’s Nayeon | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

During the episode, Nayeon gave fans a sneak glimpse into her beautiful bedroom, which was elegant and sophisticated. As the idol got up and headed to the living room, she was greeted by fellow member Momo in a room that seemed spacious, bright, and full of so many adorable dogs.

According to her manager, Nayeon and Momo living together in the dorm work perfectly because of their similar lifestyles, and it’s also why they spend so long together… they even bought the same pajamas as each other without knowing.

The dorm itself seemed perfect for the idols, but the next part of the tour was something all netizens love to have a look at, and it was the fridge. For many idols with busy schedules, their fridges seem full of quick and easy meals or even completely empty, depending on the artist.

When Momo opened the fridge, the two idols started laughing and it was easy to see why. Amongst the odd pieces of food, there seemed to be one item dominating the fridge… alcohol!

From champagne to wine and even cans of beer, Momo, and Nayeon’s fridge seemed to be stocked with alcohol… which the hosts of the show found funny considering TWICE released a track called “Alcohol-Free.”

The manager then quickly explained that it was because the members got a lot of gifts, which was why there was so much alcohol.

Also, unlike many idols whose diet revolves around ramen and deliveries, the hosts were extremely impressed by the fact that Nayeon and Momo always cook at home if they can.

In particular, Momo is known as an accomplished chef, and it was adorable to watch the younger member tell Nayeon when she was doing things wrong.

After making their food, the two set up a cute camping arrangement in their living room to eat… and went straight for the alcohol in the morning. Yet, it was the perfect way to fully complete the camping atmosphere.

Many netizens worry about their idols and their living conditions during packed schedules. Yet, it seems like Nayeon and Momo have proved that TWICE have a healthy approach to their living conditions and, even with the appearance of alcohol, are in a place they can feel safe and comfortable.

You can watch the whole clip below.