TWICE Fans Demand JYP Entertainment Take Action After Nayeon And Momo Were Almost In A Car Accident

Fortunately, everyone involved is safe.

Many fans gather to support their idols as idols travel between schedules. So naturally, TWICE fans came to the airport to see Jihyo, Sana, Momo, and Nayeon return from Japan.

Of course, the members stunned fans with their visuals and airport fashion.


But while the group’s departure from the airport seemed normal at first, fans were shocked to see the car driving Nayeon and Momo almost cause a car accident. In a video uploaded to Twitter, Nayeon and Momo kindly wave while they drive past fans.

| @UniqueType_/Twitter 

But the video quickly turns alarming as the driver makes a right-hand turn in front of a bus.

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Fortunately, the bus driver was able to stop the vehicle in time, so a collision was avoided.

| @UniqueType_/Twitter 

After watching the video, fans believe Nayeon and Momo’s driver is clearly at fault.

Fans are understandably outraged by Nayeon and Momo’s driver, demanding that JYP Entertainment ensure the safety of their artists.

The incident is especially alarming given a recent car accident involving fromis_9 that caused the group to cancel schedules. Fortunately, everyone involved was okay.

You can watch the full video here.